quarta-feira, outubro 22

Mapas há muitos 

Pedi, procurei e encontrei qualquer coisa ainda incipiente, mas é bom saber que há muita gente a pensar no assunto. Já se vêm alguns mapas da blogosfera, embora me pareça que eles se baseiam principalmente nos links entre blogues (ou seja, na existência de caminhos) e pouco nas audiências (existência de pessoas a percorrer esses caminhos). Ambas as informações são importantes e só vejo vantagens em usá-las em conjunto.

Aqui fica um modesto roteiro feito por um navegador apressado: Touchgraph, Blogstreet, algumas ideias para mapas (aqui, aqui, aqui e aqui) e um abstract interessante:

"The BlogosphereMap"
The Internet like any other media is not a mere reflection of reality but a reality on its
own: It represents a new cultural sphere and has its own characteristics with respect to
communicative codes and knowledge production. The phenomenon of weblogs show that media are not necessarily pointing to "everyday reality" and events in "real world"; weblogs exhibit a remarkably self-referential quality as well: They regularly point to other weblogs where an event has been already intellectually processed, and the way it has been processed - its reception - is to certain extent as or even more important than the original event itself. This process of self-reference can be found in any vivid system and it is believed to be closely related to the emergence of consciousness and intelligence. The interconnectivity of weblogs reminds us the way our neuronal system works. If we look at tools like Blogstreet (in connection with TouchGraph based visualization) and expand several nodes in the neighbourhood of a weblog the apparent similarity is amazing: We find a network of "processing units". Our concept of the BlogosphereMap develops this approach a bit further: What if we could see not only a static map but also (quasi-neuronal) activitities on it - the spread of news and thoughts within the neighbourhood of a weblog.

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