segunda-feira, dezembro 6

Em fase de negação 

Sócrates repete vezes sem conta que não vai ser necessário pedir ajuda à UE/FMI, mas é cada vez mais evidente que vai ter de ser.
Quanto mais se nega, pior. Quanto mais tarde se pede ajuda, pior.

Portugal says does not need bailout as debt crisis spreads news
03 December 2010

Although the focus of Europe's sovereign debt crisis has shifted from Ireland to the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal, with its spiralling budget deficit and sluggish economic growth is on a denial mode for any European Union-led rescue package to shore up the nation's struggling economy.

The prime minister Jose Socrates stressed that the country did not need an international aid...


''As with Ireland, public government denials do very little to calm the markets, it's the bond markets that reveal all and as confidence fades away and yields rise, a bailout becomes inevitable - you cannot outrun the markets.''

After weeks of denial for a bailout, Ireland last week resorted to a multi-billion euro rescue package by the EU and IMF.


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