quinta-feira, novembro 4

Credibilidade a uma só voz 

2 notícias da Reuters separadas de poucas horas, hoje:

Portugal says China priority for financing needs
"Portugal has made a major effort to diversify the pool of investors in its sovereign debt and the government sees closer financial ties with China as a "strategic priority", Treasury Secretary Carlos Pina said on Thursday."

Portugal rules out resorting to aid from abroad
"Portugal's government has no plans to resort to financial aid from overseas despite a sharp rise in borrowing costs, which it says have been propped up by Ireland's woes and market speculation, Cabinet Minister Pedro Silva Pereira said on Thursday."

Adenda: ainda hoje e na Reuters houve um "update", onde se lembra que foi um dia de recordes para o custo da nossa dívida e que: "Finance Minister Fernando Teixeira dos Santos has said previously borrowing costs above 7 percent could force the country to seek financing from the EU and International Monetary Fund -- following in the footsteps of Greece."

(Ao som de Madness - One Step Beyond.)

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