terça-feira, janeiro 11

Terrorismo na era da desinformação 

Interessante, o artigo "Terror goes online" da revista IEEE Spectrum deste mês. A desinformação é uma técnica que confere uma vantagem adicional a quem a utiliza, desde que não seja descoberto. A selecção "natural" faz com que se tenda para cada vez mais desinformação...

"Weimann [professor de comunicações na Univ. de Haifa, Israel] says terrorists also use the Internet for fundraising and recruitment. 'Before 9/11, they used it very openly,' he notes. We began studying terrorist Web sites in 1998. Back then you could find the bank account numbers they wanted people to donate to, everything. After 9/11, the terrorists moved to different ways, using charity sites where not all the money goes to terrorism. Now it's a challenge to find terrorist sites disguised as charity sites. Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hesbollah, and other groups use the Internet to blend legitimate and terrorist purposes.'"


"Weimann says that Mohammed Atta's final message to his fellow 9/11 terrorists was: 'The semester begins in three more weeks. We've obtained 19 confirmations for studies in the faculty of law, the faculty of urban planning, the faculty of fine arts, and the faculty of engineering.' Weimann believes the talk of various "faculties" referred to specific facilities, such as the Pentagon and the World Trade Center. "

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