domingo, novembro 16

Eliminar o sofrimento e morte por cancro até 2015 - II 

Da entrevista a Andrew C. von Eschenbach:

Could we completely eliminate cancer by 2015?

- Given the complexity of the myriad diseases that we call cancer, it's unlikely that we will progress that far, that fast. But the point I wish to make is that a cure isn't necessary to eliminate the worst aspects of the cancer experience -- suffering and premature death. I do believe that by 2015, we can both eliminate some cancers as well as bring other cancers under control as chronic, manageable diseases, much like people today live with diabetes and heart disease. And one day, we may even eliminate cancer, but not in the foreseeable future. What is foreseeable is to expand our ability to preempt the suffering and death caused by cancer. That's why we've issued this challenge goal -- to focus ourselves on reducing the burden of cancer.

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