segunda-feira, novembro 3

liberdade vs. segurança 

artigo muito interessante de Harold Hongju Koh, professor de direito internacional na Yale Law School, e que foi secretário de estado assistente para os direitos humanos na administração clinton_


apenas um extracto:
This framework foreshadowed the post-war human-rights construct—embedded in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and subsequent international covenants—that emphasised comprehensive protection of civil and political rights (freedom of speech and religion), economic, social and cultural rights (freedom from want), and freedom from gross violations and persecution (the Refugee Convention, the Genocide Convention and the Torture Convention). But Bush administration officials have now reprioritised “freedom from fear” as the number-one freedom we need to preserve. Freedom from fear has become the obsessive watchword of America's human-rights policy.

Witness five faces of a human-rights policy fixated on freedom from fear. First, closed government and invasions of privacy. Second, scapegoating immigrants and refugees. Third, creating extra-legal zones, most prominently at the naval base at Guantánamo Bay in Cuba. Fourth, creating extra-legal persons, particularly the detainees of American citizenship labelled “enemy combatants”. Fifth, a reduced American human-rights presence through the rest of the globe.

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