quinta-feira, novembro 13

george dubbya 


artigo interessante sobre o "homem mais poderoso do mundo"_ alguém tem "dubias"? é muito fácil criticá-lo, entende-lo é muito mais difícil...

alguns extractos:

"George W Bush lives at the intersection of faith and inexperience. This is not a
reassuring address, especially in a time of trouble."
"you know nothing, but understand everything"

Bush telegraph: selected presidential facts

In May 2001, Bush's government gave $43m to the Taliban.
Bush has never attended a funeral or memorial service for a soldier killed in Iraq.
In August this year, Bush took the second-longest holiday ever by a US president: 28 days.
Bush's 16-member cabinet is the wealthiest in US history, with an average fortune of $10.9m each.
As governor of Texas, Bush executed 152 prisoners.
Sixty-one people who raised $100,000 for Bush's 2000 election campaign have since been given government posts.
Nine members of Bush's Defense Policy Board sit on the board of defence contractors or are advisers.
Bush has been arrested three times: for stealing a Christmas wreath from a hotel; for ripping down the Princeton goal posts after a Princeton-Yale game; and for drunk driving.
Bush infuriated the Russian media by spitting a wad of chewing gum into his hand before signing 2002's historic Treaty of Moscow with Vladimir Putin.
While appearing on the David Letterman show in 2000, Bush was caught surreptitiously cleaning his glasses on the jacket of the programme's executive producer, Maria Pope.

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